Monday, September 24, 2012

IsatDock Pro Provides High Quality Calls at the Antarctic Polar Station, Russia

“IsatDock Pro was successfully installed and performs well despite the location and the severe environment”Service Manager, Antarctic Polar Station, Russia

The Russian Federation have 5 polar stations with operating personnel over 150-200 during research seasons. The Russian Antarctic Expedition’s main mission is executing the scientific research of Antarctic on the whole. They have many different satellite communication systems in use, such as Inmarsat IsatPhone Pro, BGAN and Iridium. The unique Antarctic landscape allows using the Inmarsat satellite equipment even at 78-79 latitudes. 

High Quality Calls
The dealer JSC ANTARSAT has supplied different type of communication solutions to Antarctic for many years and Beam’s IsatDock Pro equipment that was installed and launched successfully on the Russian Polar Station. The equipment locates in the cabinet of the polar station chief.

The quality of the calls was very high despite the location of the station and the severe environment. Different kind of antennas were tested during the installation process. Voice quality was high in both cases using ISD710 Maritime Active Antenna or ISD700 Fixed Passive Antenna. 

The new solution is mainly used for service communication, for example providing communication between several Polar stations. They also need to communicate with heads and chiefs in the mainland head office as well as with families. 

IsatDock Pro Solution
The IsatDock Pro is an intelligent docking station for the IsatPhone Pro designed to support accessing voice services via Blue- tooth, RJ11/POTS, handsfree speakerphone or the active privacy handset. 

The IsatPhone Pro handset fits securely in the dock which is also key lockable. Other features include phone charging, USB data port, inbuilt ringer antenna and power permanently connected to the dock ready for use. 

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Beam Announces a New Iridium®-Based Piracy Solution for Secure Maritime Communication

Melbourne, Australia, June 19, 2012 -- Beam Communications Pty Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of World Reach Limited (ASX: WRR), announces a new satellite piracy solution for Iridium-based, secure communications on board a vessel.   

Beam’s new PotsDOCK Extreme Covert Piracy Solution utilizes the Iridium Extreme® satellite handset and the Beam Covert Antenna system to provide a dedicated system for a safe room or citadel on board a vessel. The system ensures that essential communications on board the vessel, such as the ability to alert authorities in the event of a piracy attack, can be maintained even if all power or communication equipment has been cut off or destroyed by pirates.

The system couples the Iridium Extreme handset and the Beam Extreme PotsDOCK to provide the captain and crew with access to voice communications, tracking and alert functionality from the system. In the event of an attack, an alert can be raised and the vessel can be tracked immediately.

“As a catalyst for the new and innovative products that our partners bring to the maritime market – especially when it comes to addressing crew safety – we admire the Beam PotsDOCK Extreme Covert Piracy solution,” said Greg Ewert, executive vice president, global distribution channels, Iridium. “It not only works everywhere off the global, reliable Iridium communications network, but it is specially designed to enable connectivity for vessels in dangerous situations.”

“Over the past 18 months we have seen an increasing demand for Beam’s piracy solutions with the total number deployed getting close to 500 units,” said Michael Capocchi, managing director, Beam Communications.  “Safe and secure communication is extremely important for addressing the growing concern of piracy attacks on both commercial and leisure vessels. Beam specializes in anti-piracy communication solutions developed for the marine market and are certainly meeting these needs.”

The new PotsDOCK Extreme Covert Piracy Solution will be launched at CommunicAsia 2012 in Singapore 19-22 June (Beam’s stand no 1T2-03). 

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Beam announces a new Inmarsat-based satellite piracy solution for secure maritime communication

Melbourne, Australia, June 4, 2012 -- Beam Communications Pty Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of World Reach Limited (ASX: WRR), announces a new satellite piracy solution for secure communication on board a vessel. The new system operates with the Inmarsat satellite network.
Beam’s new Oceana 800 Covert Piracy Solution provides a dedicated system for a safe room or citadel on board a vessel. The system ensures that, in the event of a piracy attack, essential communications on board the vessel can be maintained and used for alerting authorities.  The Beam-designed antenna is intended for covert placement, and to be less likely to be spotted and targeted prior to an attack.

The Oceana 800 Piracy Solution operates with the Inmarsat FleetPhone service and ensures the captain and crew has access to communications, tracking and alert functionality from the system. In the event of an attack an alert can be raised and then the vessel tracked immediately.

“As with maritime safety, communications during a piracy situation can literally be a lifeline,” said Peter Blackhurst, Head of Maritime Safety at Inmarsat. “This solution from Beam is a simple but effective covert deployment of the Inmarsat FleetPhone service that will offer some reassurance to captains and crews facing the threat of piracy.”

“Over the past 18 months we have seen an increasing demand for Beam’s piracy solutions with the total number of previous similar systems deployed getting close to 500 units. Safe and secure communication is extremely important for addressing the growing concerns of piracy attacks on both commercial and leisure vessels and Beam specialized anti-piracy communication solutions for the marine market are certainly meeting these needs”, said Michael Capocchi, Managing Director, Beam Communications.

The new Oceana 800 Covert Piracy Solution will be launched at the Posidonia maritime event in Athens 4-8 June, where key Beam Partners (AST, Marlink, Otesat Maritel) will be promoting the solution, and at CommunicAsia 2012 in Singapore 19-22 June (Beam’s stand no 1T2-03).
Initial orders have already been received and the new piracy solution will be distributed by all the major Beam resellers.

Beam is a strategic partner for Inmarsat and manufactures value added products to meet the specific needs of their customers. 

Monday, May 7, 2012

Beam receives a $5 M commitment from Telstra for Satellite Docking Stations and Iridium Handsets

Melbourne, Australia, May 8, 2012 -- Beam Communications Pty Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of World ReachLimited (ASX: WRR), announces it has received a commitment from Telstra to purchase a minimum of USD5.1 M of Iridium based satellite docking stations and product bundles over the next 12 months. The initial shipment (valued at USD1.65 M) is expected to be fulfilled by 30 June 2012, the balance being called upon as required over the 12 month period. 

With the release of Iridium Extreme, the toughest satellite handset ever made, Beam Communications has developed and manufactured a range of next-generation docking stations Beam was the first company globally to receive certification from Iridium Communications Inc. (Nasdaq: IRDM).  Beam docking solution extends the functionality of the Iridium Extreme Satellite Phones so they can be used for voice, data and tracking services indoors, in-vehicles, on vessels and in other remote locations where easy or enhanced access to satellite communications is required.

“The new order from Telstra in the Australian market is further reinforcement of Beam's global positioning as the leading provider of handset docking stations for Iridium and Inmarsat, the world's largest satellite operators, said Michael Capocchi, Managing Director at WorldReach and Beam Communications. “Due to our long and close relationship with Telstra we have been able to develop these products to be user friendly and reliable which is crucial for the areas where most satellite users are”

The order follows work done by Telstra and Beam to better address the communication needs of customers in the mining, transport, emergency services, relief aid, and recreational (maritime and four wheel drive) sectors. The innovative solutions that were developed comprise Beam-designed and manufactured satellite docking stations and related accessories plus the Iridium Extreme satellite handset. Telstra is using its Enterprise, Business and Government sales force, along with its extensive retail distribution network, to provide the various solutions to customers.

Beam is a strategic manufacturer of both Inmarsat and Iridium satellite docking stations for the
Iridium 9555, ( Iridium Extreme ( and the Inmarsat IsatPhone Pro satellite telephones (

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Beam PotsDock Extreme Docking Station for Iridium Extreme Handset

Beam Granted World's First Approval for Iridium Extreme® Docking Station

Melbourne, Australia, April 12, 2012 -- Beam Communications Pty Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of World Reach Limited (ASX: WRR), announces it has received certification by Iridium Communications Inc. (Nasdaq: IRDM) for use of Beam’s LiteDOCK docking station for the Iridium Extreme® satellite phone. Beam is the first manufacturer in the world to receive Iridium’s official certification of a docking unit for the Iridium Extreme handset. Iridium is the operator of the world’s furthest reaching communications network.

"Iridium communications devices and services are more vital than ever in the global communications infrastructure," said Greg Ewert, executive vice president, global distribution channels, Iridium. “This is because of the ability of innovative partners, such as Beam, who make it possible to communicate through our network anywhere on Earth with tools that make connectivity possible where it was never before imagined. We appreciate the opportunity to act as a solutions catalyst for such forward-thinking on our partners’ part. They truly understand – and meet – the global connectivity needs of customers in endless markets around the world.”

This new Iridium Extreme docking solution by Beam has been specifically designed to meet market needs for land, sea and air applications, and will interface straight out of the box with the tracking and SOS capabilities of the Iridium Extreme handset and the Beam MyBuddy service. Beam plans to market three specific models in its docking solutions suite, including its LiteDOCK, PotsDOCK and DriveDOCK (all found at Based in Australia, Beam is a leading global provider of satellite docking solutions for multiple handheld satellite telephones.

Initial orders have already been received and shipping has commenced. The Iridium Extreme handset will be distributed by Telstra, AST, Satcomglobal, Infosat, KDDI, Singtel, Inmarsat and other major partners of Beam, and further substantial orders for Iridium Extreme docks are anticipated in the coming months.

"Iridium" and "Iridium Extreme" are registered trademarks of Iridium Satellite LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Iridium Communications Inc.

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Monday, March 26, 2012

DriveDOCK Extreme 
BEAM DriveDOCK Extreme hands-free docking solution provides a high quality transport installation for the Iridium Extreme handset. The docking station has in-built echo cancelling and full duplex technologies to provide superior voice quality and professional hands-free or privacy calls for any vehicle or aircraft*. 

The Iridium Extreme handset fits securely in the dock, which features USB and serial data connectivity, phone charging and integrated antenna, data and power connection making it possible to keep all antenna cables and power permanently connected to the DriveDOCK ready for use. The Iridium Extreme handset fits securely in the docking station with an easy click to lock mechanism that can be inserted and removed with a press of a button. It is purposely built to allow you to utilize the SOS emergency button and the ear-piece jack whilst docked. Iridium have developed a new Extra LongLife Battery that can be attached to the Iridium 9555 handset. DO NOT attach this Extra LongLife Battery to the Iridium 9555 handset and attempt to dock your handset. This will cause damage to the dock and the handset. 

* Independent Aeronautical certification MUST be gained prior to installation.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

BEAM SatDOCK 9555 proves to be reliable on the road  
Rory Byrne, Maxidale Pty Ltd

My work involves a lot of travelling widely across Australia, covering many of the unsealed roads of the country, where it would be impossible to get any GSM network coverage. I knew I had to install a reliable, in-vehicle solution that allows handsfree communication and after having installed and used the Beam SatDOCK 9555 for the last 14 months, I am only happy to say that the support and reliability that I have received has been exceptional.

The industry I work in is Non Destructive Testing, and the nature of work involves analyzing and evaluation of materials and components.  My travels have taken me to remote areas of Australia, inspecting and testing welded joints on cross country pipelines.  The fresh tracks that are constructed for access can be very rough and dusty and I believe that the SatDOCK 9555 in the vehicle has stood up to its testament with its tough exterior construction and reliability of the unit.  

Summing up I now have a phone that when secured in the SatDOCK 9555 provides me a reliable service, a stronger signal strength and having the battery always charged gives me the peace of mind and confidence at work that in a case of emergency or incident I have a tool that could make a difference.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Antarctic Logistics & Expeditions depend on Beam equipment

Reliable communications is not an option rather it is an imperative component in the base camp. Beam’s products are an integral part to their services, the RST100 base station units, RST600 data units and RST620 units have all proven to be robust and functional under the tough conditions.
Antarctic Logistics & Expeditions (ALE) operates the largest seasonal field camp in Antarctica. Situated at Patriot Hills, Antarctica (80 Deg 81 S 081 W), ALE provides support for intercontinental flights for tourists visiting the South Geographic Pole such as:

• travels from Chile to the Patriot Hills Blue Ice Runway;
• private expeditions to climb Antarctica’s highest Mountain, Mt Vinson;
• adventurers making the long journey man-hauling to the South Pole from various points on the coast;
• short journeys using essentially man power to haul a sledge under the tough conditions on the Polar Plateau.

In addition ALE also provides logistics support for organizations such as British Antarctic Survey, National Science Foundation and KOPRI (Korean Polar Research Institute) as required for research and development within the vicinity of Patriot Hills.

Unlike many organizations, ALE do not have the resources to solve issues arising from poor equipment selection, rather it must rely on the first time selection of reliable and durable equipment that are cost effective. In particular, the RST620 unit installed in one of the Prinoth BR-350 SnoCat hauled traverse trains travelled a remarkable 3200 kms over 40 days starting in late December 2007. Throughout its journey, the RST620 never missed a beat in the important role of providing daily situation reports back to base as the traverse train made
the long haul from Patriot Hills up the South Pole, then onward toward the South Pole of Relative Inacessability and return.

Peter McDowell, one of the partners who formed Antarctic Logistics and Expeditions
said, “We simply depend on our Beam equipment to be reliable, robust and
economical and to this point we’re very happy (snow) campers.”



Thursday, February 2, 2012

Time Bandit in the Deadliest Catch is using Beam Oceana 800 FleetPhone to communicate and to get weather reports

Brothers Andy and Johnathan Hillstrand and their crew may take to the seas in a vessel resembling a pirate ship. But unlike the buccaneers of old, they prefer to rely on modern communications like FleetPhone - Inmarsat’s new low-cost satellite phone service - while fishing in one of the most dangerous seas on the planet.

Time Bandit, the 34.44 metre-long (113ft) boat, named after the motion picture of the same name, is only on a mission to capture king crabs rather than human beings. And although the exterior of their boat looks similar to a pirate ship from yesteryear, both of them prefer to rely on the latest modern technology systems while working off Alaska in the Bering Sea.

Along with their four-man crew, they put BEAM’s Oceana 800 terminal accessing Inmarsat’s new low-cost satellite phone service – FleetPhone - through its paces. "We were extremely pleased with the performance of the BEAM Oceana 800 Fleetphone – particularly the voice quality of the service," said Captain Andy.

Weather reports
"We’ve been using it to call in for weather reports and to keep in touch with fish processors, as well as family and friends. Everyone we spoke to on the phone commented on its clarity – saying they could hear us so well." The Oceana 800 FleetPhone Terminal phone was supplied by BEAM Communications, with airtime from Inmarsat distribution partner Stratos.

Emergency calling
It offers mariners a host of features, including global coverage for its voice, text and low-speed data services, as well as Inmarsat’s 505 emergency calling capability and an additional SIM for multiple users. "We were anticipating that the sound quality and reliability of the terminal might not perform in the areas we venture to, but the phone exceeded our expectations." The unit even provided service going through False Pass - except for a very narrow spot with steep mountainous sides, and however to be fair this is a location where our old other satellite equipment could not provide any service at all, said Captain Andy.

Voice quality
"And unlike our old satellite service, which couldn’t be relied on 24 hours a day, with FleetPhone we found we could make calls at any time of the day and guarantee a connection." The voice quality of the FleetPhone came in particularly useful when the crew dialled into the National Weather Forecast Office in Alaska for weather predictions. Captain Andy said: "Getting the weather forecast can literally be a matter of life or death for us and voice quality is important because we have to state our position before we can get the forecast."

Reliable phone
The brothers - who are both third-generation Alaskan fishermen - named their boat after the movie, Time Bandit, because they say "the sea steals your time". But having a FleetPhone helped them make up for lost time, especially when it came to getting their catch processed. Captain Andy said: "Around 60 fishing boats get their crab catches processed at one of two plants, and we need a reliable phone to keep in contact with staff at the plants."